Two new kids, and an Andorian girl

Finally got the okay from the Orphanage of Delea City to bring in Aquagear and Jeanie as my children!! :D Welcome to the Berter family, little ones! <3 As for that Andorian girl I mentioned on February, the Andorian Ambassade told me and hubby, this morning, that the girl is waiting for us to meet her at her house; she’s 18 years old, her name’s T’rashara, and she lives alone nearby the forest in the south area of Andor, spending her days studying and cultivating the ground around her house. She is a simple soul, conservative of her own Andorian heritage, but at the same time very open-minded and good-hearted a young woman. I can’t wait to meet her. :) Hubby said we should go on Monday, soon as we’re done with work and university classes, and I told him I’d do my best to free myself as soon as possible and go with him. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly and that she chooses us for her parents. :D Aww I wish so!

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