8th Anniversary of Marriage

Today’s a wonderful day. ,And it’s our Anniversary day. :) Yes, hubby and I got married exactly 8 years ago on July 22nd of 2002. How fast time flies, doesn’t it? We have so many children now, so many projects, dreams, and a wonderful life together. I couldn’t want a better and merrier life than then one I have now, I wouldn’t have one. My husband and my children are the most precious treasures I could ever long for. I love them to bits. X3 So, for tonight, sweet Jackie is taking me out for a romantic dinner at the Tinello restaurant. A chevalier de l’Amour, that’s who he’s going to be, whom he is. My Black Jack Berter forever. ♥

Regarding our children, we have a new adopted son: Federico Fritzenwalden. Long story short: I met this sweet boy in an AU, the Floricienta storyline, whom had come back to life from a coma, but given for death he had lost everyone and could no longer be a part of his real family. So I took him with me, I took care of him, and adopted him with my husband. Our children have welcomed him very warmly, and it makes me truly happy. :) They’re enthusiastic of their new human brother!

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