5 Unusual Masters Degrees

Everyone has heard of the most popular masters degrees.  Those are the degrees that lead to obvious, common careers that are well-known and respected.  But there are stranger masters degree options out there as well.  Here are 5 unusual masters degrees just in case you ever want to pursue a degree that is a bit outside of the norm.

Animal Breeding

That’s right.  You can get a masters degree in animal breeding.  You just need to turn to Cornell’s Department of Animal Science.  This program was created for those who wish to be on the cutting edge of animal companionship.  Students can select different types of animals to work with in this major from pets and lab animals to farm animals and exotic animals.  Under the heading of animal breeding, students may choose a number of different areas of concentration including conservation, education, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, and animal production.  You would think that animal breeding could take place just fine on its own but maybe this degree just helps you to understand this topic better.

Conflict Resolution

While conflict resolution is certainly a worthwhile topic to study it does seem to be a bit narrow as a focus of a masters degree.  Still, Georgetown’s Conflict Resolution program is offered to students who wish to enter into leadership roles and who wish to know how to effectively resolve conflicts that come up.  This masters degree may be a bit strange but it sure is practical.

Rural Sociology

Almost as if in answer to the preponderance of urban studies programs, the Rural Sociology program offered by Penn State invites students to look at the history, culture, and dynamics of country life.  Students can specialize in areas such as natural resources and environment, agriculture and food systems, community and international development, and rural social demography.  This program is heavily steeped in research and statistics to give solid data regarding country life and its many aspects.  In theory, this type of degree could be taken into several different types of jobs including those in academia, government jobs, and other professional settings where this knowledge might prove useful.

Peace Studies

This is not the topic that you typically think of when you think of masters degrees but it is certainly a noble educational pursuit.  The Peace Studies program comes from Kyung Hee University and is geared toward those who wish to enter the field of politics or other related career fields.  The Graduate Institute of Peace Studies has won awards for its work.

Oriental Medicine

This is another unusual masters degree that is a step in the right direction.  It is offered by Kyung Hee University Seoul and explores this type of alternative medicine as well as how this medicine is being used more in Western medicine.  There are classes that cover topics like nutrition, acupuncture, Oriental medical theory, and analytical biochemistry.

These 5 masters degrees aren’t bad.  They’re just a little unusual.  When you think about it, not everyone can work in the same few fields so there are bound to be some masters degrees offered that are kind of out there.  At least all of these seem to have some practical uses.

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