Shopping week for baby toys

What a cute baby meal set!To make Laira, Samantha and our other little grandchildren happy, Jackie and I went shopping for baby toys this week. No, we didn’t spend a lot, but we made sure all toys were certified and safe.

Part of our shopping ‘spree’ was made online, which translates into a lot of discounts and coupon codes. One of my favorite shopping sites is, where I found some cute wall Stickers that made my Elanah Arcee an absolute happy child. :)

I was thinking about purchasing personalised baby gifts this weekend. Jazz and his family need new accessories, as well as Sideswipe’s. With all the kids they have, I think personalized gifts (like baby bibs) would be more manageable than standard items.

So, with all my kids and my kids’ kids, baby showers, baptism ceremonies and educational toys are a daily routine.

Now, with Longreen‘s announcement of his wife’s pregnancy, we’re all scrambling to get the baby-to-be a set of bibs, diapers, little suits and other accessories. The magic of having a big family, hm? ;)

Naral is 3 months pregnant. I don’t know whether she and Longreen have told Laira about the new brother or sister yet, but I hope they will soon, before there’s a risk to see healthy jealousy turn into hidden anger. Children are fragile when new babies come into their lives; I hope my son and his wife follow the advice my husband and I gave them.

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