Jackie wants me to drive

Well, my Jackie is one of those ‘human-sized’ Transformers who need mens big and tall clothes to be able to wear something. Seriously! I won’t describe the trouble we run into every time we go shopping together… nothing really seems to fit him well. Poor hun. ^^’

Another thing we came down to discuss lately is my driving license. Yes guys, I’ve got a driving license, but I’ve never really used it… I never drive our car. Actually, I feel more at ease driving our inter-dimension shuttle than our car… because I’m afraid of people popping up in the middle of the street, totally unexpected, and of course, to put a burden on the maintenance and insurance costs in case something goes wrong… Seriously, I’m scared enough to let hubby or one of my children drive. :( Jackie thinks I should try again, though, that I should be more confident. Maybe I should take our car to a desert place and practice there… I don’t know, but I’m still pretty scared. We’ll see…

More kids plugs? :) Here they go:

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~ Pure-star.net – My Vulcan son Sar’k has a blog. Well, he’s still building it, but I’m eager to start reading his daily thoughts. :) Hope you do too.

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